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Fundraising Opportunities

As we mentioned before, the Jay Education Foundation is a non-profit organization.  Any and all funds we raise go to the betterment of our graduating students at Jay High School that plan on furthering their education.  Each school year we host several events that help us to raise these funds, that way when May rolls around we are able to present helpful money in the form of Scholarships to these students. 
"You've Been Flocked"


This fundraiser is being conducted by the Jay Education Foundation.  This "Flock" of Ridgerunners has gathered upon your property to roost.  In case you did not know, Ridgerunners are very territorial, and unless they are removed they will roost on your property for a very long time.  Removal of this "Flock"should be only attempted by one of our highly trained "Bulldog" technicians.  It's all good clean fun so please feel free to join in on the humor.

A night at the movies.jpg
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